Monday, November 2, 2009


The daily drive on any of the Kuwaiti roads reveals personalities that defy description. Normally peaceful people, no matter what ethnicity, turn into enraged demons driving vehicles they imagine to be made as indestructible machines. Take for instance this morning. As I approached the end of my road in preparation to turn right and again right onto the Airport Road, I observed a black GMC Yukon approaching from about 100 yards to the left. Immediately, I determined the personality of the driver, unseen by me at the moment. The vehicle sped up as though it were late for a million-dollar give-away. The challenge, as I suppose, in the driver's mind, was "I gotta be FIRST" so with total disregard for safety or consideration, the derelict zoomed past me with all the exhilaration of Jimi Hendrix on the best speed of his generation. After brushing off the dust of disgust, I emerged into the oncoming traffic and soon was coasting along on Fifth Ring Road. A few moments later - the black GMC Yukon! Eeeeek. Not that again! The nervous movements of the driver, swaying back and forth, trying to gain a few inches in the mad race going east, was enough to motivate any normal driver to cautiously stay out of the way. Within one moment of my thought, the bizarre jart of the GMC into my lane, barely ripping off my front bumper, was more than I could believe. STUPID! RETARD! IDIOT! What the hell is wrong with you? Go kill yourself, you ridiculous ASS! Yes, this is the nature of the driver in Kuwait. I wonder each morning as I depart my place if I'll be safe or if I'll encounter the death of some childish, spoiled brat who has had nothing in life except privilege and pampering - who will jump into his or her car without any common sense and go off into the sunset of the nether world, causing great pain to his/her family and loved ones. Such a shame - no regard for life. Kuwait roads are a national hazard. Oh - the GMC Yukon swayed in and out all the way to my university, tried to play games with me when "she" discovered that we were on the same route. She raced past me through the gate and anxiously sped past me into the parking lot, nearly wiping out a nice white Mercedes. I carefully parked my car and observed the "witch" nervously driving around, trying to find a parking spot better than mine. I walked erect across the parking lot with my suitcase of books and course papers, sunglasses breaking the intense sun. Suddenly, there she was. Racing toward me in an attempt to scare me off the path. I kept walking and suddenly did not value my life anymore. Bitch. I didn't even shudder. Didn't twitch. The GMC came to a shreiking halt. A slight smile broke from my face. I stepped over the curb and slowly walked into the lobby. The GMC had lost. As I walked out of the elevator onto my office floor, my knees crumbled and I grabbed my chair for support. But at least the GMC witch did not see me sucumb to my own stupidity.

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