Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remembering Mama Today

I'm wearing your Egyptian cartouch today, Mom. It was speaking to me from the jewelry box and as I picked it up to read your name, Ida, in hieroglyphics, I could remember how excited you were when I returned from Kuwait a few years ago and had given this to you. My umteenth trip to Cairo was full of adventure as usual, but that isn't what I am remembering today. Today is exactly 217 days since you have passed away into that heavenly abyss - a place deep in my imagination that comforts me when I think of you and dad together - he has his arms around you and you are with your sweetheart. I don't have much to say today Mom but I just had this memory because of the cartouch. I just read another blog today written by another Pamela Allegretto who lives in Connecticut. She's an artist and a writer too. And guess what? She wrote a poem about her Mama. That is what I called you too. Her poem reminded me so much of what I feel for you, Mom. I love you. I miss you more than words can ever convey. If I had only known. But then God was so good, I won't complain. You had such a quality of life and I am so very proud of the legacy you left us Mom. I love you and I send you my kisses....and by the way, your nose is still in my way! Kisses from afar - your loving daughter, Pam

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